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My personal experience with Genesis has been a positive one. I first walked into the office with limited mobility and a lot of pain due to a work injury. Thanks to the staff and their great attention, I can now say I’ve made wonderful progress. They taught me many exercises I can apply in my daily life and at work to further strengthen my body. Many thanks.

Brenda Tenes-Bruce

The staff at Genesis Rehab has been wonderful. Katie, Shane, Andrea, Esther, and Ethan have been instrumental in my recovery: When I first started therapy, I was having so much pain and numbness and tingling in both my arms and hands. I was having a hard time sleeping. Now I’m able to sleep through the night and take care of my daughter with minimal modifications. Diane is so sweet and professional and always makes sure I’m able to get the appointments I need. Thank you Genesis Rehab for your genuine and caring service!!

Kathleen Calapatia

Great staff! I was impressed to see how everyone is focused on each patient’s need and making them as comfortable as possible. Definitely the therapy had improved my strength and flexibility. I just wish that I could have extended my therapy. I would highly recommend this facility. Genesis is always accommodating. Thank you!

Florian Bautista

Un ambiente muy limpio, el personal amable me ayudaron mucho. En la manera como hacer los ejercicios. Antes de la terapia tuve problemas con todo. Ahora me siento mucho mejor, los ejercicios los pudo hacer con menos dificultad. Y muchas gracias por todo

Victor Garcia

오른쪽 무릎 수술을 잘받고 선생님의 소개로 이곳에 와서 열심히 땀과 때로는 눈물로 운동을 했습니다. 지금은 무릎도 많이 구부러지고 아픔도 많이 줄었습니다. 선생님과 치료사들도 하나같이 친절하고 저의 아픔에 동감하고 열심희 치료해주시는 것이 너무도 잊지 못할것 같습니다. 진심으로 감사합니다.

최 서숙

I would like to thank all the staff for your awesome work. Not only did you help me with my healing process but you also took the time to ask about my kids. I walked in this door with extreme pain and was not able to use my hand. Now my pain level is close to zero. And for all that, I give you a 10.

Anabel Aguilar

My experience has been very positive coming 12 appointments. At first, I was in severe pain from a fall. My left shoulder was limited in range of motion and activity. During these 12 visits, I have experienced the best services by all the professionals in the office. My pain level has decreased and mobility of left shoulder has improved tremendously. Very grateful to all, Amanda, Diane, Andrea, Neftali, Ethan, and Jack. Thank you kindly.

Antonia Baca

Genesis Rehab was great. Wonderful workers. Great personality. Before my therapy, I was unable to use my hand and they all took time out to explain the whole process. Many thanks to all the employees.

Leanna Martinez

Tired of Living in Pain? Imagine what it would be like to be Pain-Free again… To get back to that active life you used to have… To be able to do the things again that are valuable to you. Is that possible? Yes, and it’s not as hard as you think.  At Genesis, we do it all the time for our patients and here’s how.

Many people today have poorly managed pain issues. Some of us just ignore our pain, hoping that it will go away on its own. Others try things like heating pad, ice pack, massage, pain medication, or just take it easy for a few days. These may help for the time being, but then that same pain comes back again. Why? It’s because the source of the problem has not been dealt with. Correcting the underlying cause of your pain is the best way to get better permanently.

Finding the origin of your pain often requires an evaluation by a healthcare professional. People who find their own solution to fix the pain may not account for the highly complex science of the human body. For example, if you have knee pain, did you know that it may actually be your hip or ankle not moving properly? If your arm hurts, it may be your poor posture that’s causing it. If your lower back is hurting, doing certain exercises for your back can actually worsen your condition. A safe, effective, long-term pain relief requires a help of an expert who truly understands the structure of the human body and how it all works together.

At Genesis Rehab Therapy, we take the scientific approach to find the precise mechanism for a person’s pain and correct the underlying movement impairment. We concentrate on the often over looked biomechanics using a detailed examination to find the source and cause of the pain. By understanding a person’s daily habits including job activities, hobbies and lifestyle, our therapists are able to identify and correct the movement impairments that are causing the pain and dysfunction, rather than just treating the area where the pain is felt.

The key to our success is our expertise of the underlying causes of neuromuscular and skeletal conditions. This allows us to correctly diagnose problems and select a procedure most suitable for each patient.  We take our time to look at each patient’s condition, concerns, and goals in order to develop a customized program tailored to the individual. We use evidence-based therapy techniques and results-oriented exercises. Our treatments are hands-on and one-on-one in order to ensure the best outcome for you.

So before your condition gets worse, it may be time to call Genesis. Let us get your life back

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